Wisdom Warriors

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Wisdom Warriors is a new class designed especially for dedicated practitioners over 50 who know what it means to remain youthful through the practice of yoga and other healthy lifestyle activities. Now don’t get fooled when you hear ‘over 50′, as this class is for experienced practitioners who are adept at yoga.

Wisdom Warriors is the perfect elixir of youth for anyone who wants to preserve their high level of health, flexibility and strength throughout their lifetime. It is intended to help people keep their practice strong and vital.

We slow it down to fit our needs while continuing to put forth the effort to understand the changes in our bodies as we go. Rather than saying “I am too old for this”, we ask “what needs to get stronger, longer or softer so this pose feels right for me”?

A full range of poses are always available including standing poses, backbends, hip openers, forward bends, inversions and arm balances. It is not suitable for beginners. Class is physically and spiritually inspiring, has a strong therapeutic focus, and aims to foster community among our 50+ yogis.

If you have been practicing yoga for a while and long to connect with others who will help you stay healthy and fit, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to strengthen your body, mind and friendships. We believe that old dogs can learn new tricks, however with the wisdom that age inspires, our practice becomes intelligent and wise.