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Desirée Rumbaugh is the creator of the therapeutic yoga DVD series “Yoga to the Rescue” and founder of Wisdom Warriors™ inspiring students to remain strong and courageous with yoga. She is internationally recognized and has been traveling the world teaching full-time for the past 16 years. Desiree’s classes are simultaneously inspiring, challenging and nurturing. She incorporates her life lessons of the past 5 decades including raising two children and learning to accept the loss of her 20 year old son before his time. Her mantra is “Love is Stronger Than Fear” as this has been her most powerful personal Life lesson. Desiree currently serves on the advisory boards of The Art Of Yoga Project and Give Back Yoga, both extending the reach of yoga to underserved populations.
Desirée Rumbaugh, creator of the DVD series “Yoga to the Rescue”, delights in teaching others what she has learned about overcoming challenges and healing the body, mind and heart through the practice of Yoga. One of her strengths as a teacher is her “out of the box” thinking. Combine that with a positive attitude and you get  an imagination that continually creates new ways of doing familiar things.  Join us for a weekend of new insight, thoughtful work and joyful laughter with this disarmingly authentic teacher.
Desirée Rumbaugh teaches from the experiences of more than three decades of practice. As a full-time teacher, Desirée travels the world offering workshops which are innovative and transformative, challenging and compassionate. She has a well-earned reputation for deepening the most new to the most seasoned practices, through humor balanced with a quest for authenticity.

September 2007 marked the release of her first DVD entitled Yoga to the Rescue, which is specially designed for those who have avoided yoga because of a lack of flexibility, low fitness level or chronic pain. Her newest DVD’s entitled “Yoga to the Rescue for Back Pain” and “Yoga to the Rescue for the Neck and Shoulders” were released in January 2008 with wide acclaim. Desirée is also a contributor to various organizations and publications, including the Yoga Journal, where she was featured on the February 2008 cover. For more information, please visit www.desireerumbaugh.com.


With the ability to demonstrate some of the most difficult postures and–even more amazingly–getting students to experience the same sequences, Desirée has a well-earned reputation for deepening even the most advanced practices. She does it with a sense of humor balanced with a quest for authenticity. Most surprising about her teaching is her ability to tap into the student’s vulnerable spaces to access these wonderful poses. Her unique ability to draw out the bright and shining light from within every student, no matter what level of yoga experience, is her gift to the world.

After more than thirty years of practice, including having earned teaching certificates in both Iyengar yoga and Anusara yoga, Desirée continues to live her passion for yoga every day. Desirée has an astoundingly full teaching schedule, traveling throughout the U.S. and abroad.


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