“The power of Yoga is immense and priceless…I am grateful.” – Desirée Rumbaugh

Wisdom Warriors

Wisdom Warriors™ is a training for teachers and dedicated yoga practitioners of all ages who wish to learn more about how to stay safe and strong in their asana practice after the age of 50.


Desirée Rumbaugh teaches from the experiences of more than three decades of practice. As a full-time Certified Anusara Yoga teacher, Desirée travels the world offering workshops which are innovative and transformative, challenging and compassionate. She has a well-earned reputation for deepening the most new to the most seasoned practices, through humor balanced with a quest for authenticity.



The Ten Day Silent Vipassana Meditation Course — My Experience December 2015

I first heard of this course in the late 90’s, but wasn’t inspired to do it until about 15 years later when I had the experience of meeting 5 different people within the time span of one month who raved about it. That seemed like a sure sign, it was my time to go. Taking ten …


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