"The power of Yoga is immense and priceless... I am grateful."

- Desirée Rumbaugh

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Fearless Foodie Cookbook

Fearless Foodie Cookbook


“Full of enthusiasm, joy, and positive energy, her style is playful and transformational.” — BostonNOW

“Appropriate for beginning yoga students in need of rescue and a little healing.” — Yoga Journal

“Desiree’s energy is bright and enthusiastic, perfect for beginners. Learn yoga poses with calmness and awareness of your total body.” — FitSugar.com

“I found the DVD to be simultaneously relaxing and fast-paced.” — LA Yoga Magazine

“Practical and informative, this DVD is perfect for yogis and yoga teachers interested in practicing with more safety and precision.” — Fit Yoga

3 DVD Set: Yoga to the Rescue

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Celebrated Yoga instructor Desirée Rumbaugh believes in the transformative and healing powers of yoga. With years of experience practicing and teaching yoga, she now travels the world sharing her passion with students of all ages and skill levels.


Individual DVDs


YOGA TO THE RESCUE: FEEL GOOD FROM HEAD TO TOE Heal your whole body with this gentle yoga practice. The poses can be modified to benefit everyone–from absolute beginners to experienced yogis. Approx. 60 min.

Kiss backaches goodbye with these simple, therapeutic exercises. Easy-to-follow instructions help you improve posture and alignment while increasing strength and flexibility. Approx. 66 min.

Relax and relieve stiffness and pain while toning your upper body with this 30-minute tutorial and 30-minute flowing sequence. Approx. 60 min.


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